imogenrosa asks: I just want more tattoos from you! Love your work so much, come back to Indiana

Thank you! I plan to visit sometime around Christmas, maybe early next year.

Anonymous asks: How far in advance are you booked? I live in WA but I'll be in Texas in November. And if you are available, can you do consultations via e-mail?

I have some openings the second half of November! Feel free to email me your ideas to iatattooer@gmail.com

Love making black tattoos.

Love making black tattoos.

Anonymous asks: I've found you so infatuating for years. Not only are you a miraculous tattoo artist, I also think you have a wonderful personality and kindness to you. You're one of the most stunning people I know, inside and out, and I'd think someone so great would be very arrogant as well.. but you're just lovely. Although I know there's no chance of you being into me, thank you for being so nice all the time. xo

This kind of sort of really made my day. The kindest thank you to whoever you may be. 🆒

7x10 I painted last night.

7x10 I painted last night.

Anonymous asks: Do you schedule consultations? If so do you charge and how much?

I do schedule consultations which are free of charge.

star-eyes asks: I have fallen in love with your "knife and five cranberries" tattoo and was wondering if it would be ok to get one like it, with a few adjustments obviously? Thanks, Maddie

Hey Maddie, as long as it’s not the exact same tattoo as I did. I’m okay if the artist uses the tattoo I did as inspiration but It is a custom drawing made for a client I appreciate you asking.

Anonymous asks: Do you have an hourly rate, or does the price depend on the design?

I usually charge per piece and price varies by design.