Anonymous asks: What do you do to stain your flash? I love that coffee look and I'd like to try it out if you don't mind.

I use wood stain

daughter0favirgin asks: I emailed you the other day about possibably coming to texas to get something done by you. Haven't heard anything back yet. 😳 What's the best way to get in touch with you?

I think I just replied to you, you can also get ahold of me via Facebook! 😎

Anonymous asks: Hope you can come to Australia soon!!

I hope so too! :)

Would like to make these tattoos

Would like to make these tattoos

Anonymous asks: What kind? Fw acrylic by any chance ?

That’s right!

Anonymous asks: Idk if I can make it out to Austin. Can I pay you to allow someone else to tattoo one of your designs?

I would prefer to tattoo my own designs, If you are traveling to get work done I can usually work with a budget more reasonable for you to compensate for travel cost.

Anonymous asks: What kind of watercolor paint do you use?

I use liquid acrylics.